I 'm Zoe the inspiration for this venture or adventure. I am a one eyed bitchin Frizzy ( that's southern for Bichon Friese) born in Mason, TX which is where I lived when I met patrick and chose him to be my human. My goal is the happiness of my friends so I helped Patrick start up a company to help people with their friends and of course named it after myself.

Patrick Mercer founded this company in December 2009 while still in the sales
department of the BMW dealership. While at grooming school he purchased a
Wagntails Pet Pro mobile grooming salon. Upon completion of Groomer
Certification in Houston brought the van home and began serving customers.
 "After surviving tonsilary Cancer I wanted to be a part of a business that
could help people smile and be happy. Zoe got me started because I was never
happy with her hair cuts.  Once I heard about Mobile Grooming and the advantages to the pet and owner I became a believer. After a few bumps in the road and a few years of challenges here we are."
Our Mission is to enhance your relationship with your pet through quality grooming!
Zoe And Friends Mobile Grooming
Zoe And Friends Mobile Grooming